To add your Logo in Journal 3:

  1. Upload your default non-retina logo in Opencart > System > Settings > Image > Store Logo.
  2. Upload retina logo in Journal > Skins > Active Skin > Header > Retina Logo.

Retina logo image must be twice the size of your default non-retina logo.

If your header design is dark and your logo white or light colored there could be an issue when displaying it on white backgrounds such as in order emails or invoices.

To overcome this, we’ve added a default non-retina logo option in Journal as well, which is to be used in such cases and only appears in the storefront. This logo is found before the retina logo in the Journal skin, Journal > Skins > Active Skin > Header > Logo.

So if you use a white logo for your design, upload both the default and retina white logos in Journal skin and use a dark version of your default logo in Opencart system options and you will have white logos in the storefront and a dark one in emails and invoices.