Journal 3 employs a different header design approach than previous Journal versions. There are different header modules for desktop and mobile, each providing a different structure and set of options.


To see what headers are active for both desktop and mobile go to Journal > Skins > Header.

Desktop Headers

There are 4 different desktop header modules in Journal > Header. These cover design patterns from very simple and minimal (Compact and Slim) to fuller, feature rich headers (Classic or Mega).

Each header is a module, which means you can create unlimited different variations of each individual module, each with its own styles, colors, menu modules, etc.

Activate your desired desktop header module in Journal > Skins > Header > Desktop Header.

Mobile Headers

Mobile header modules follow the same principles. The included modules cover modern and trendy mobile design patterns. Decide on the type of header you want to use, customize it as desired and activate it in Journal > Skins > Header > Mobile Header.


The Mobile Header is automatically activated on mobile devices, or below 1024px screen width when the browser is resized.