The Popup module is a multi-purpose and multi-language modal window that can display promotional messages or any other content (images, text, videos, HTML, etc.) over any page in your store. You can also display a Newsletter module in the popup as well as optional Call to Action buttons.

This is part of the Special Modules which are not added to layouts via the page builder since they are either fixed or absolutely positioned on the page.

Special Modules are added to pages via the Special Modules button in any layout, for example Journal > Layouts > Home, in the top right corner. See Layouts Page Builder points 2a and 2b.

General Options

  • Common Settings - See Common Settings
  • Additional Settings
    • Show After - Sets the delay after the popup is shown (leave this empty to show popup on page load).
    • Custom URL - Generates a link which can be used on any html link in order to show this popup.
    • Reset Cookie - Resets the cookie used in order to display again the notice for all customers.
    • Close Button - Enables close button.
    • Popup Style - Overwrite global popup style.
    • Popup Width - Sets popup width.
    • Popup Height - Sets popup height.
    • Padding - Sets popup padding.
    • Background - Sets popup background.


  • Header Title - Sets header title.
  • Title Style - Choosing a title style for the current module will overwrite any existing global styles for titles. Using this option allows you to restyle a module title, for example, change font name, font size, color, etc.
  • Padding - Sets header padding.
  • Margin - Sets header margin.


  • Content Type - Defines popup content type. It can be a simple image, text or an advanced grid which uses Journal Layout Builder to choose which modules to be shown in popup.
  • Typography Style - Overwrites global typography style.


  • Status - Enables popup footer.
  • Don't Show Again - Enables don't show again checkbox
  • Button 1 / Button 2 - Enables one or two action buttons used for interacting with popup.