Custom Layouts

Custom layouts allow you to customise individual pages (category, product, information) with different modules or page styles based on the current page.

By default when you add a module to a layout, (Category for example) it appears on all category pages. With custom layouts you have the option to single out any particular page and create custom modules for that page only. Really useful when you need different content or different page styling on specific pages. This is an Opencart feature, not theme related. To create a custom layout follow these steps:

Category Page

  1. Access Opencart > System > Design > Layouts and click Insert. Give the layout a name (the category name for example) and click Save.
  2. Access Opencart > Catalog > Category > Edit (the same category after which you named the layout).
  3. Access the Design tab and select from Layout Override your new layout, you should see it on that list.
  4. Now go and create any module and add it on the same layout you just created. The layout will appear in the layouts list in Journal > Layouts. Any modules you add to this layout will only appear on that particular page.

Product Page

Same as Category but reference Product instead of Category.

Information Page

Same as Category but reference Information instead of Category.