Layout Notice

The Layout Notice module is similar to the Header Notice module but instead of being a special module added on the top of the page it is added to layouts via Journal > Layouts > ...

It is cookie based and will not be seen after it's closed and until the cookie is reset from inside the module.

General Options

  • Common Settings - See Common Settings
  • Additional Settings
    • Reset Cookie - Resets the cookie used in order to display again the notice for all customers.
    • Background - Sets the module background.
    • Padding - Sets the module padding.
    • Shadow - Sets the module shadow.
    • Module Height - Sets module height.
    • Full Height - Makes the module full browser height
    • Close Duration - Sets closing animation duration.
    • Easing - Sets closing animation easing.

Action Button

  • Status - Enables Action Button.
  • Button Icon - Sets Action Button Icon.
  • Button Text - Sets Action Button Text.
  • Button Style -
  • Button Position - Sets Action Button Position.
  • Button Margin - Sets Action Button Margin.


  • Icon - Sets content icon.
  • Icon Margin - Sets content icon margin.
  • Float Icon - Floats the text around the icon.
  • Paragraph Spacing - Distance between multiple paragraphs <p> tags.
  • Text - Sets the actual text displayed as notice.