Common Settings

Modules common settings control general options like module name, module status, module schedule, etc. Here's a list with all common module settings found in most modules:

  • Module Name - Name of the module seen in admin (in modules list or in layout builders)
  • Status - Enable or disable the module either globally or based on device or other states such as customer login status, customer groups or admin.
  • Schedule - Schedule can be used to define when the module should be visible in the store front based on current server time.
  • Module Title - Title seen in the store front.
  • Title Style - Optional Title style created in Journal > Styles > Title. Inherits from skin but can be overwritten with a custom style directly at the module.
  • Image Dimensions - See Image Dimensions
  • Carousel - This option is used by modules which can have multiple items in order to display items in a carousel mode. Choosing a carousel style for the current module will overwrite any existing global carousel styles. Using this option allows you to restyle a module carousel options, for example, autoplay, transition speed, transition delay, etc.
  • Carousel Padding - This option is visible when Carousel Mode is enabled. It defines the spacing used between carousel items.
  • Items per Row - See Items per Row
  • Container Gutter - This option adds margin on the parent container of the grid items. It can use negative margins to offset the spacing added in between each grid item inside the Items per Row option.