Mini Products

The Mini Products module allows you to display products in different formats (grid/list/carousel). You can precisely choose which products to show by using the predefined product rules or by specifying advanced rules.

General Options

  • Common Settings - See Common Settings
  • Additional Settings
    • Display - Select which display to use (grid / list)
    • Product Grid Style - Select which product grid style to apply to the module
    • Description Limit - Allows to define how many characters to be used for short description of products
    • Products Stat 1 / Products Stat 2 - Allows to choose which product stats to be displayed (Brand, Model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, Weight, Dimensions, Stock Status, Reward Points)
    • Sections Display - Select how product sections to be displayed (blocks, tabs or accordion)
    • Title Style - Choosing a title style for the current module will overwrite any existing global styles for titles. Using this option allows you to restyle a module title, for example, change font name, font size, color, etc.
    • Selected Item - Allows you to define which tab or accordion to be selected on page load.
    • Carousel Mode / Carousel Style / Carousel Padding - See Common Settings
    • Items per Row - See Items per Row
    • Container Gutter - See Common Settings
    • Blocks Bottom Spacing - Adds bottom spacing after products

Module Styles

  • Background - Defines module background
  • Padding - Defines module padding
  • Margin - Defines module margin

Item Options

  • Item Name - Name of the item seen in admin on the left side of the module to easily describe what that item represents.
  • Status - Status of the item See Common Settings
  • Item Title - Name of the block title shown as header.
  • Tab Icon / Active Tab Icon - Allows to define an icon displayed before tab name.
  • Product Rules - Chooses which products to be displayed:
    • Latest - Displays latest products added to your store
    • Specials - Displays special products (the ones having special price active)
    • Bestsellers - Display best seller products.
    • Related - Displays products related to the current products (works on Product / Cart / Wishlist / Checkout pages only).
    • From same Category - Display products from same category (works on Product pages only).
    • From same Brand - Display products from same brand (works on Product pages only).
    • Also Bought - Displays products which were also bought by customers which have bought the current product (works on Product / Cart / Wishlist / Checkout pages only).
    • Recently Viewed - Displays recently viewed products by the current customer.
    • Most Viewed - Displays the most viewed products from your store.
    • Random - Displays random products from your store (because of performance reasons, products are generated at once they are not random on each page refresh, but resaving the module will regenerate those products).
    • Custom - Allows to choose which specific products to be shown.
    • Advanced - Allows you to define special conditions for displaying products (you can choose from which category / manufacturer to show products, or products which have certain options / attributes / filters). Also, you can define a price range as well as options for sorting and ordering them.
  • Product Limit - Defines how many products to be shown in the section (which matches the above rules).