Blog Modules

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be displayed on any page via the Blog Posts module found in Journal > Modules > Blog Posts. Unlimited modules can be create with various styles applied and added to any page via the page builder interface available in Journal > Layouts > ... or in the mega menu items or footer builders.

The Blog Posts module can display posts in either grid or list views and will use a Post Grid or Post List style, created in Journal > Styles > Post Grid / Post List.

Each module can load multiple blog post sources, such as latest, most viewed, etc and can be displayed as blocks one under another or in tabs or accordion views.

The module can load 6 different types of blog posts:

  • Latest - displays a set of recent articles you've written.
  • Most Commented - displays articles sorted by the number of comments.
  • Most Viewed - displays articles sorted by the number of views.
  • Related - works at the product page only and displays articles that in turn have products mentioned at the article page as related products in Blog > Blog Posts > Post Links > Related Products.
  • Category - Loads posts from a specific blog category.
  • Custom - Displays custom posts which are manually added one by one.

Side Posts

Similar to the Blog Posts module above, just a smaller version which can load posts on any page or builder interface, but it's primarily used on side columns.


Loads available blog categories created in Journal > Blog > Categories.


Displays a search input field which searches through blog post content.


Displays the tags added in each blog post details in Journal > Blog > Posts > Edit > Links.