Blog Layouts

Blog layouts

The Journal blog automatically creates two new layouts in Opencart > Design > Layouts.

  • Blog - This is the default blog listing page layout where all your posts are listing in either grid or list view See Blog Design. It's also the default blog category layout and applies to all blog categories.
  • Blog Post - This is the individual post details page.

When you create blog modules such as Blog Posts, Blog Search or any other Journal module, and want to add them to your blog home page, blog category pages, or article pages, you add them to these layouts.

Custom Blog Layouts

If you need to have a specific layout for any of the blog category pages or any of your individual blog post pages, you need to create custom layouts and override the default ones.

  • Go to Opencart > Design > Layouts and click Insert to create a new layout.
  • Name the layout whatever you want, e.g. my-custom-post
  • Go to your particular blog post in Journal > Blog > Posts > Edit > Layout and chose the custom layout you've just created.

The same concept applies to the blog category pages in case you want to customize them with different sliders or banners or any other modules. Just create a custom layout and override it in Journal > Blog > Categories > Edit > Layout