Header Notice

The Header Notice module allows you to display header notices at the very top of the store with different information or for cookie notices, etc.

This is part of the Special Modules which are not added to layouts via the page builder since they are either fixed or absolutely positioned on the page.

Special Modules are added to pages via the Special Modules button in any layout, for example Journal > Layouts > Home, in the top right corner. See Layouts Page Builder points 2a and 2b.

General Options

  • Common Settings - See Common Settings
  • Additional Settings
    • Reset Cookie - Resets the cookie used in order to display again the notice for all customers.
    • Background - Sets the module background.
    • Padding - Sets the module padding.
    • Shadow - Sets the module shadow.
    • Module Height - Sets module height.
    • Full Height - Makes the module full browser height
    • Close Duration - Sets closing animation duration.
    • Easing - Sets closing animation easing.

Action Button

  • Status - Enables Action Button.
  • Button Icon - Sets Action Button Icon.
  • Button Text - Sets Action Button Text.
  • Button Style -
  • Button Position - Sets Action Button Position.
  • Button Margin - Sets Action Button Margin.


  • Icon - Sets content icon.
  • Icon Margin - Sets content icon margin.
  • Float Icon - Floats the text around the icon.
  • Paragraph Spacing - Distance between multiple paragraphs <p> tags.
  • Text - Sets the actual text displayed as notice.