Contact Form

The Contact Form module allows you to create rich forms with almost every type of fields. You can use this module to replace the default contact form with a more complete one, adding and removing fields as needed.

General Options

  • Common Settings - See Common Settings
  • Additional Settings - Background - Sets the module background. - Padding - Sets the module padding. - Shadow - Sets the module shadow. - Module Title - Title of the module displayed in frontend. This can be used to show title of the module content. - Title Style - Choosing a title style for the current module will overwrite any existing global styles for titles. Using this option allows you to restyle a module title, for example, change font name, font size, color, etc. - Form Style - Allows form style overwrite.
    - Page Buttons Style - Allows form buttons style overwrite. - Privacy Policy - Allows to choose an Information page to be used for privacy and policy. - Sent Message - Sets the message that appears after customer successfully send a message through this module.

Item Options

  • Item Name - Name of the item seen in admin on the left side of the module to easily describe what that item represents.
  • Status - Status of the item See Common Settings
  • Label - Label shown before the field.
  • Type - Field type (almost all types are supported: input, select, radio, checkbox, date, time, etc.).
  • Required - Sets if the field is required in order to submit the message.