The Categories module allows you to display categories in different formats (grid/list/carousel). You can display all categories or subcategories of a given category or specific categories only.

General Options

  • Common Settings - See Common Settings
  • Additional Settings
    • Category Style - Select which category style to apply to the module.
    • Sections Display - Select how product sections to be displayed (blocks, tabs or accordion)
    • Title Style - Choosing a title style for the current module will overwrite any existing global styles for titles. Using this option allows you to restyle a module title, for example, change font name, font size, color, etc.
    • Selected Item - Allows you to define which tab or accordion to be selected on page load.
    • Carousel Mode / Carousel Style / Carousel Padding - See Common Settings
    • Items per Row - See Items per Row
    • Button Text - The button text such as "See all products"

Item Options

  • Item Name - Name of the item seen in admin on the left side of the module to easily describe what that item represents.
  • Status - Status of the item See Common Settings
  • Link Title - Name of the block title shown as header.
  • Category - Allows to choose which manufacturers to be displayed (all, subcategories of a given category or custom).
  • Limit - Defines how many categories to be shown in the section when Category is set to All or Sub.