Side Menu

The Side Menu module allows you add a fixed icons based side menu on the side of the window.

This is part of the Special Modules which are not added to layouts via the page builder since they are either fixed or absolutely positioned on the page.

Special Modules are added to pages via the Special Modules button in any layout, for example Journal > Layouts > Home, in the top right corner. See Layouts Page Builder points 2a and 2b.

General Options

  • Common Settings - See Common Settings
  • Additional Settings
    • Bar Height - Sets Menu Bar Height.
    • Item Min Width - Sets Menu Bar Item Minimum Width.
    • Icon Color - Sets Menu Item icon color.
    • Icon Size - Sets Menu Icon size.
    • Font - Sets Menu Item text font.
    • Background - Sets Menu background.
    • Item Divider - Sets Menu divider.
    • Bar Top Border - Sets top bar border.
    • Bar Shadow - Sets bar shadow.
    • Bar Radius - Sets bar border radius.
    • Count Badge - Enables count badge display for menu items with count badges.

Item Options

  • Item Name - Name of the item seen in admin on the left side of the module to easily describe what that item represents.
  • Status - Status of the item See Common Settings
  • Menu Title - Name of the menu item.
  • Icon - Sets menu item icon.
  • Font - Sets menu item font.
  • Background - Sets menu item background.
  • Link - Sets menu item link.