Accordion Menu

The Accordion Menu module allows you define a menu with submenus using an accordion display.

General Options

  • Common Settings - See Common Settings
  • Additional Settings
    • Module Title - Title of the module displayed in frontend. This can be used to show title of the module content.
    • Accordion Menu Style - The accordion menu style created in Journal > Styles > Accordion Menu. for accordions.
    • Module Styles
      • Global Icon - Sets global icon for menu items.
      • Global Icon Width - Sets global icon width.
      • Global Icon Size - Sets global icon size.
      • Global Icon Margin - Sets global icon margin.
      • Global Submenu Icon - Sets icon for sub menu items.
      • Global Icon Width - Set icon width.
      • Module Border - Sets module border.
      • Border Radius - Sets module border radius.
      • Module Padding - Sets module padding.
      • Module Background - Sets module background.
      • Module Shadow - Sets module shadow.

Item Options

  • Item Name - Name of the item seen in admin on the left side of the module to easily describe what that item represents.
  • Menu Title - Name of the menu item.
  • Icon - Sets menu item icon.
  • Link - Sets menu item link.
    • Style Override
      • Menu Font - Sets menu item font.
      • Menu Background - Sets item menu background.