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Journal Blog

Journal offers a simple but very powerful blog system which allows you to author, edit and manage articles directly from the Journal admin panel. The blog structure consists of a blog home page with subsequent category pages where posts can be displayed in grid or list views.

It supports custom layouts See Blog Layouts for individual post or blog category pages, as well as extensive styling possibilities.

General Settings

General blog setup is done in Journal > Blog > Settings. Here you can set up Blog Title, SEO keywords, default article views, comment settings, as well as blog Meta Data and language options.

Blog Language

Several common translations, including blog date format are found in Journal > Blog > Settings > Blog Language.

Styling and Customization

Blog posts display for the blog home page listing (either grid or list) is declared in Journal > Skins > Edit > Blog > General. A relevant style must be created for the grid or list view in Journal > Styles > Post Grid / Post List and applied in the skin. Additional options such as Posts per Row are available for the grid view. See Items per Row

Blog post page design options for the individual article page are in Journal > Skins > Edit > Blog > Post Page.