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License Information

Journal is exclusively sold on Envato Market under the Envato Regular License.

The regular license only covers a single end-product, which in this case means a single store or domain. If you wish to build multiple stores with Journal, either for yourself or for your clients, one regular license must be purchased for each end-product.

For more information on the Envato Regular License please see Regular License Details

License Check

Starting with Journal v.3.1.9, license check mechanism has been introduced, after installing Journal you can enter your license details in Journal > Dashboard page. Each store or domain requires different license.

Test stores

For testing stores, you can use the same license for subdomains of your domain or subfolders.

Also, domains ending with .local or .test, localhost, (or other IP addresses) are not subject to unique domain license check, you still need to have a valid license to use Journal, but you can use the same license as your main domain, it will not count as different domain.

Example: License for can be used for testing on:

1. or
2. or
3. localhost, or any other IP address
4. my-dev-env.local or my-dev-env.test

Disabling a domain

License can be disabled for a domain (in order to assign it to other domain) by using the "i" button near the License Key field in Journal > Dashboard.


Once license has been disabled on a domain, it cannot be used again on that domain without contacting us by email at license (at)