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Custom Icons

  1. Open

  2. Upload current icons from catalog/view/theme/journal3/icons/selection.json

  1. Browse for icons in the app and add them to your selection
  1. Click Generate Font button
  1. Once the icon pack is generated, press the download button
  1. From the downloaded archive, upload fonts, selection.json and style.css to catalog/view/theme/journal3/icons_custom folder (for v.3.1.8 or lower, upload files to catalog/view/theme/journal3/icons folder)
  1. Access your admin page (reload window if you are already in admin page) and new icons will appear in the pack

You may have to keep the downloaded archive for the future, because updating the theme will reset icons pack, so after you update the theme, repeat step 6 from above in order to reupload your own icons pack.