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3.0.34 (May 6, 2019)

  • Added Product Exclude Button module in Journal > Product Extras > Exclude Button. Cart, Wishlist or Compare buttons can now be hidden on select products based on product rules.
  • Added Countdown Module
  • Added Maintenance Grid module in Skin > Maintenance. Can now create custom layouts with any modules (including the new Countdown module) on the Maintenance page, useful for coming soon pages.
  • Added support for customer first name / last name in menu items using {{ $customer_firstname }} and {{ $customer_lastname }}
  • Added Required Options popup Add to Cart button options
  • Added lazy load images option in the Slider module
  • Added blend mode on row background overlay. Chrome/Firefox/Safari only. Microsoft Edge / IE does not support blend modes.
  • One Page Checkout file custom field fixes
  • Range Slider filter events fix
  • Product Tabs dynamic option fix
  • Create new Search Style fix
  • Popup height issue fix
  • Removed default limit in Product Filter
  • Style Edit fix
  • Minifier DOCUMENT_ROOT fix
  • Layout Notice cookie fix
  • Removed unneeded language load
  • Other minor fixes and improvements