February 17, 2022

Version 3.1.12Production

  • Fixed Account Order php warning
  • Fixed PHP 5.6 error
  • Fixed form input max-width in Firefox
  • Updated Google Fonts library
February 05, 2022

Version 3.1.11Production

  • Fixed One Page Checkout comment removing products from order
  • Fixed DateTime picker style
  • Fixed Product Tabs short description limit not working in some cases
  • Fixed PHP 8 cache warning
  • Fixed Newsletter subscribe notifications issue with additional emails
December 31, 2021

Version 3.1.10Production

  • Fixed multistore license check in frontend
  • Fixed product page reviews and add to cart error scrollto offset
December 22, 2021

Version 3.1.9Production

  • Added license check in admin
  • Added PHP 8 compatibility
  • Fixed Html5 video layer autoplay
  • Fixed Filter special characters in attributes
  • Fixed Checkout checkbox custom field
  • Fixed Slider video layer lazyload
  • Fixed RTL tabs selectors
  • Fixed Default Opencart filter module
  • Fixed Split attribute values
  • Fixed Type Brand rich snippets
  • Fixed Return form product_id missing
February 6, 2021

Version 3.1.8Production

  • Added support for Opencart and PHP 7.4 (Opencart and lower still doesn't work with PHP 7.4, use PHP 7.3 in that case).
  • Fixed Exclude Button not working in Side Products
  • Fixed demo 1 slider mobile captions
  • Fixed Slider transitions in newer Microsoft Edge browser versions
  • Fixed empty search page showing Filter Module
  • Improved icons font file
January 19, 2021

Version 3.1.7Production

  • Fixed rewards LIMIT 1 sql query
  • Fixed Contact Form date/time picker locale text
  • Fixed One Page Checkout Google recaptcha not working with Static Assets Url option enabled
  • Fixed JS Minifier issue with some third party extensions scripts not being minified
January 16, 2021

Version 3.1.6Production

  • Fixed One Page Checkout PHP error on newer PHP versions
  • Fixed One Page Checkout Google recaptcha issues when JS minifier was on
  • Fixed One Page Checkout Comment field sometimes resetting payment form data
  • Fixed Contact Form Module required error for legend elements
  • Fixed out-of-stock class php error on compare page
  • Fixed Products module isolated caching issue
  • Fixed attributes values separator issue when an attribute has same multiple values
  • Fixed out-of-stock class missing on compare page
  • Added Contact Form Module Show Logo in emails option (OFF by default)
  • Added Newsletter Module Show Logo in emails option (OFF by default)
  • Added Opencart modules in Mega Menu builders
  • Added Affiliate Login and Register link options
December 14, 2020

Version 3.1.5Production

  • Added option to turn off images in Categories Module
  • Added Page Content Visibility option in Layouts
  • Added Captcha to One Page Checkout
  • Added Summernote Image Popover button
  • Added Product Extras profiler entries
  • Added Journal Newsletter subscribers to Marketing > Mail
  • Added One Page Checkout loading overlay on payment and shipping methods changes
  • Added Search in Sub Categories option in Search Style
  • Added Twitter Username option for Twitter Cards
  • Fixed Catalog module images always generated even if images were disabled in admin
  • Fixed Top Menu submenus items icon color
  • Fixed Blog Seo Url keyword label in admin (SEO URL Keyword)
  • Fixed Minimum Quantity message in Options Popup
  • Fixed Rich Snippets price value in other currencies
  • Fixed in stock status when quantity greater than zero
  • Fixed Filter Count badge display issues
  • Fixed One Page Checkout voucher totals
  • Fixed rtl mobile menu trigger
  • Fixed Newsletter email alerts logo
  • Fixed webp support for background images
  • Fixed One Page Checkout loading overlay not disappearing on payment error
  • Fixed Also Bought products query
  • Fixed add to cart page reload when using modules in cart page.
  • Fixed One Page Checkout default country / zone options
  • Fixed Layout php error
  • Fixed Demo 7 Account Login columns on mobile devices
  • Fixed Opencart 2 admin RTL add breakpoint button issue
  • Fixed Reviews not showing properly if inside an expand block
  • Changed attribute_values database indexes
  • Attribute Values separator split improvements
  • Icons pack optimisations
July 31, 2020

Version 3.1.4Production

  • Added Stock Status Update option in Style > Product Page / Quickview > Product Details > Stats > Stock
  • Fixed Stock Status message in Quickview
  • Fixed Newsletter Module logo email
  • Fixed Newsletter and Contact Form modules not working on maintenance page
July 28, 2020

Version 3.1.3Production

  • Added global options, categories, filters status in Filter Module > General Added category check for Opencart Filters in Filter Module > General (prevents filters not assigned to category to be displayed on category pages)
  • Fixed auto update price and stock status on product pages
  • Fixed One Page Checkout Country / Zone fields browser autofill when they are hidden
  • Fixed sticky header issue when a popup is opened
July 21, 2020


  • Fixed an issue caused by adding Opencart compatibility
July 21, 2020

Version 3.1.2Production

  • Added Opencart compatibility
  • Fixed Maintenance mode PHP error when theme is not active
  • Fixed RTL Add Breakpoint button
  • Fixed Ajax Price Update stock status
  • Fixed One Page Checkout iframe Payments empty payment details section
  • Fixed Product Page cart count badge and notification not working when Notification is disabled or Mini Cart is used as menu item
  • Removed unused Reset button in Product Extras > Extra Modules
July 10, 2020

Version 3.1.1Production

  • Fixed Filter Module Opencart filters issue on category pages where all possible Opencart filters were shown
  • Fixed RTL mobile menu trigger
  • Fixed RTL Menu Overlay issue
  • Fixed One Page Checkout loading button after iframe payment is shown
  • Fixed One Page Checkout issue when multiple checkout pages are opened
  • Fixed tablet detection issue in Safari responsive mode testing
  • Fixed Infinite Scroll issue with relative urls
  • Fixed Filter Module button not showing on tablets if columns are disabled
  • Fixed 'php function escapeshellarg is disabled' warning when cwebp is enabled
  • Added success message when adding voucher/coupon in One Page Checkout
  • Added Sent E-Mail To Address option to Contact Form Module which overwrites default Opencart store email address if set
  • Removed h3 tag if empty in Title module
July 01, 2020

Version 3.1.0Production

  • One Page Checkout Paypal integration (and some other payment methods rendered as iframe, they can be controlled from Journal > Skin > Checkout > Journal > Advanced)
  • Mobile Friendly improvements
  • Performance improvements (better webp support, Google font-display 'block', better image lazy loading mechanism)
  • Contact Form and Newsletter spam detection improvements
  • Added 'Unsupported PHP 7.4 by Opencart' message
  • Added field error in contact form module
  • Added Show Option Price in Product Page / Quickview Styles
  • Added Auto select first Shipping/Payment Method option in One Page Checkout
  • Added PHP Intl support for blog date format
  • Added Social Share Logo overwrite option
  • Added Hide Newsletter option in Register / Account pages
  • Added multi language logo option
  • Added Subject option in Contact Form module (with dynamic variables support)
  • Added option to set default country and zone to none in one page checkout
  • Added Blog posts date_created check when displaying blog posts
  • Added Opencart modules support in Footer builder
  • Added Add to Cart redirect to cart/checkout pages option
  • Fixed Twig Countable error
  • Fixed Opencart Theme Editor compatiblity issue
  • Fixed Admin categories presets multilanguage title
  • Fixed download url for uploaded files in Journal > System > Form E-Mails
  • Fixed Ajax Price tax
  • Fixed Firefox add to cart price auto update
  • Fixed Header Notice Module action button link (Opencart 2.x)
  • Fixed cart count badge
  • Fixed Infinite Scroll https
  • Fixed product minimum quantity alert box
  • Fixed Blog Comments new line
  • Fixed iOS 13 Safari scroll issues
  • Fixed Possible SQL injection for blog pages
  • One Page Checkout disable Guest option if downloadable products are in cart
  • Renamed Cookie.js to avoid ad blockers
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
January 19, 2020

Version 3.0.46Production

  • Header layout fixes
  • Sticky Header fix
  • Php error fix layout blog
  • QuickView layout fix
January 11, 2020

Version 3.0.45Production

  • Filter Availability count badge fix
  • Added Blocks Header Image alt text option
  • Added Status option to Accordion Menu module
  • php 7.4 error fix
  • popup link target=_blank fix
  • utf8_substr int
  • Header / Footer per layout
  • webp support
  • One Page checkout fix order date_added
  • remote image resize check
  • Filter performance improvements
  • Admin Only message grid dimensions
  • Added Quantity as stat in product grid / list
  • Product Stock status custom instock status third party extensions fix
  • Added tab type link to Product Tabs
  • One Page Checkout change blur with debounce change
  • One Page Checkout datetimepicker js error fix
  • Added Search Categories top only option
  • In Stock custom status set by third party extensions
  • Schedule timezone fix
  • multi language image resize fix
  • Contact Form email no logo fix
  • iOS 13 ipad detection fix
  • Carousel loop disable for single item carousels
  • Blog prev / next links fix
  • Maintenance page Meta Title option fix
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
November 07, 2019

Version 3.0.44Production

  • Added Google Fonts swap option
  • Fixed cart page coupon/voucher visibility
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
November 01, 2019

Version 3.0.43Production

  • One Page Checkout php error fix
  • Added thumb caption to gallery module
  • Added Quantity text to product page
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
October 25, 2019

Version 3.0.42Production

  • Allow partial product model search
  • One Page Checkout custom fields json_encode fix
  • Contact Form translatable email fields fix
  • Google fonts update
  • Content Max width Multi option
  • Added Blocks module block header text option
  • Auto Suggest search fix
  • Admin Status fix
  • Account fields sort order fix
  • Slider module added Slide View per device option
  • Contact Form added email text translate options
  • admin attribute / option / filter search fix
  • Added Slider bottom offset option
  • Added Contact Form File upload option
  • Catalog module category_prefix fix
  • Product Quantity Fix from add to cart popup
  • Added Filter Scroll Top option
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
September 19, 2019

Version 3.0.41Production

  • Filter back button fix
  • One Page Checkout added Password / Confirm Password sort order options
  • One Page Checkout email validation fix
  • Manufacturers sort by sort_order fix
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
August 29, 2019

Version 3.0.40Production

  • From Same Category / Brand sort order fix
  • Added Sent E-Mail Title option in Contact Form module
  • One Page Checkout required Comment option
  • Infinite Scroll trigger button fix
  • svg / external images resize issue fix
  • mobile top menu always rendered
  • Exclude Button wishlist cart fix
  • Product Page stock quantity fix
  • One Page Checkout existing address error message
  • Catalog page canonical links fix
  • Form Sent From url fix
  • Guest Checkout required fixes
  • Product weight / dimensions hide when set to 0
  • Added .search-page-open class on html
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
August 7, 2019

Version 3.0.39Production

  • Product Stock translate option in Product Page
  • Compact Header top menu dropdown z-index fix
  • Mobile Menu fix
July 23, 2019

Version 3.0.38Production

  • Filter fixes
  • Register validation fields fix
  • One Page Checkout checkbox custom fields fix
  • One Page Checkout update quantity value fix
  • Category Path in Main Menu > Catalog module
  • One Page Checkout missing shipping quotes php error fix
  • Added Points stat
  • iframe only fix in product description
  • Popup Login alert special characters fix
  • Filter Price Slider js error fix
  • One Page Checkout payment html fix
  • One Page Checkout newsletter checkbox removed for subscribed customers
  • Carousel loop main product image fix
  • One Page Checkout improvements (payment / shipping overwrite fix)
  • One Page Checkout newsletter subscribe fix for customers
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
June 16, 2019

Version 3.0.37Production

  • Added Item Limit per device option in Products module
  • Added Contact Form module title in email sent
  • Filter Module PHP error fix
  • Module Status performance fix
  • Product Page / Quickview tooltip styles fix
  • One Page Checkout placeholder special characters fix
  • Default View admin UI fix
  • Site overlay fix Safari
  • Added Maintenance Meta Title option in Journal > Skins > Edit > Maintenance
  • Register popup multiple error messages fix
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
May 24, 2019

Version 3.0.36Production

  • Added Additional Images position per device option
  • Catalog module products sort order fix
  • Links Menu module fix
  • Site Overlay fix
May 22, 2019

Version 3.0.35Production

  • Added "Hide After" option in Popup module
  • Added Product Listing Default View per device
  • Added Links Menu module style
  • Added Banners module style
  • Added default Opencart popup styles in skin
  • Added "Download" button option in Gallery style
  • Added search position after cart in classic header
  • Added IP information in contact form emails
  • Added possibility to create new / duplicate or remove layouts directly from Journal > Layouts
  • Register popup error messages display
  • Static Assets url fix for external resources
  • Empty container blocks in product page fix
  • Minifier php error fix
  • Opencart Filters sort order fix in Filter module
  • Auto Select required select options fix
  • Reset Option Color fix in admin
  • Register popup redirect to success page if Customer Approval is enabled
  • Additional Images .swiper-slide-active fix
  • Variable / Style default name with random id
  • Fixed JS error when creating some new modules in admin
  • One Page Checkout Payment Firstname / Lastname error display fix
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
May 6, 2019

Version 3.0.34Production

  • Added Product Exclude Button module in Journal > Product Extras > Exclude Button. <small>Cart, Wishlist or Compare buttons can now be hidden on select products based on product rules.</small>
  • Added Countdown Module
  • Added Maintenance Grid module in Skin > Maintenance. <small>Can now create custom layouts with any modules (including the new Countdown module) on the Maintenance page, useful for coming soon pages.</small>
  • Added support for customer first name / last name in menu items using {{ $customer_firstname }} and {{ $customer_lastname }}
  • Added Required Options popup Add to Cart button options
  • Added lazy load images option in the Slider module
  • Added blend mode on row background overlay. <small>Chrome/Firefox/Safari only. Microsoft Edge / IE does not support blend modes.</small>
  • One Page Checkout file custom field fixes
  • Range Slider filter events fix
  • Product Tabs dynamic option fix
  • Create new Search Style fix
  • Popup height issue fix
  • Removed default limit in Product Filter
  • Style Edit fix
  • Minifier DOCUMENT_ROOT fix
  • Layout Notice cookie fix
  • Removed unneeded language load
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
April 23, 2019

Version 3.0.33Production

  • Search Catalog Mode fix
  • Added Mini Products old price position
  • Added Breadcrumb single row options for smaller screens
  • Added dedicated footer module selector for mobile in skin.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
April 22, 2019

Version 3.0.32Production

  • Added Variable / Style ID and Names. <small>Previously the name needed to be unique and could not have been changed without deselecting the variable or style from all place it was being used. Now the ID is the unique system identifier and the Name is used as a label which can be changed without affecting the variable or style usage.</small>
  • Added Extra Modules "Details" position
  • Added Min/Max Stock in Product Rules
  • Added Register editable fields options in skin
  • Product tabs container fix
  • Filter price fixes
  • Product Stats fixes
  • Category Subtitle multilanguage option
  • Filter Price improvements
  • Filter Availability php error fix
  • Added dropdown indicator on language/currency
  • Added Banners Alt Image option
  • mql classList fix
  • Site overlay fix
  • Parser device fix
  • Product Quantity in product rules fix
  • Icons custom admin fix
  • Product Quantity in product rules
  • Gallery Thumbs Limit per device
  • HTML5 Video Url per device
  • Variable / Style label text in list
  • Added Variable / Style labels
  • Icons Custom folder
  • Added Search AutoSuggest Status per device
  • Form Placeholder value from Label
  • Added placeholder text option in Form module
  • Added Footer Mobile option
  • Cart alerts position fix
  • Attributes separator admin fix
  • Filter Pagination browser back button fix
  • Special Characters fix in variable / style names
  • Opencart Search title fix
  • Auto Update weight on product page based on option weight
  • Added Blend Mode on Gradient overlays in the Background option. <small>Chrome/Firefox/Safari only. Microsoft Edge does not support blend modes.</small>
  • Added Blend Mode on Slider and Banner modules images. <small>Chrome/Firefox/Safari only. Microsoft Edge does not support blend modes.</small>
  • Admin pagination fix
  • RTL tabs style radius fix
  • Other fixes and improvements
April 8, 2019

Version 3.0.31Production

  • Installation error fix
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
April 6, 2019

Version 3.0.30Production

  • Added Extra Modules and Product Tabs position per device option
  • Added Carousel Mode per device option
  • Added Modules Display (Blocks/Tabs/Accordion) per device option
  • Added admin back button - retraces one step backwards, similar to back browser button
  • Product Second Image improvements
  • Admin attributes db escape fix
  • Product Blocks wrapper fix
  • From Same Category path fix
  • One Page Checkout account custom fields fix Opencart 2
  • Added Header Notice / Layout Notice close link option
  • Banners titles conditions
  • Search Autocomplete Price fix when Login to display prices is enabled
  • Quick Buy redirect fix in Internet Explorer
  • Allow Product Extras to search for attribute values separated by attribute values separator
  • Added Newsletter Captcha
  • Quickview expand description fix
  • Added title attribute to Select options in admin
  • Added Create Style option
  • Recently Viewed fixes
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
March 23, 2019

Version 3.0.29Production

  • Removed Journal 2, Journal 3 becomes main theme
  • Icons compatibility with custom packs fix
  • Added css based visibility option for header cart and search
  • Added option in skin to disable column dimensions labels from layout builder
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
March 19, 2019

Version 3.0.28Production

  • Items per Row fix
March 19, 2019

Version 3.0.27Production

  • Testimonials author fix
  • Blocks Module php error fix
  • One Page Checkout payment/shipping address title fix
  • Added Items per Row variable
  • Menu Item color inheritance fix
  • Cache Improvements
  • Product Page In Stock status fix
  • Added Product Location Stat option
  • Added Text language options for all Product Stats (stock, model, manufacturer, weight, dimension)
  • Added "Do not show again" checked by default option in Popup Module (acts as "Show only once" mechanism).
  • Register popup file upload fix
  • Count Badge fix on Product Page / Popup Options
  • Other fixes and improvements
March 12, 2019

Version 3.0.26Production

  • Popup Checkbox Checked fix
  • Count Badge fix
  • Slider Layer image dimensions fix
  • Added Carousel Loop option
  • Gallery Module fixes
  • Filter module show parent categories only on catalog page
  • Disabled Products query fix
  • Blog Tags Module limit fix
  • Admin force LTR
  • Search Page toggle
  • Slider Category Image + Static Layer Page Title
  • Mobile Logo fix
  • Google Fonts update
  • Blog Posts Google Sitemap fix
  • Empty Short Description option php error fix
  • Product Listing image resize fix
  • Product Catalog image resize type fix
  • Journal Theme status fix in Extension > Extension > Themes
  • Scroll to error when clicking add to cart on product page or confirm order in checkout page
  • Assets query string fix
  • Other fixes and improvements
February 21, 2019

Version 3.0.25Production

  • Slider text layer font size fix
  • Newsletter / Messages pagination fix
  • Product Discounts ajax update fix
  • Other fixes and improvements
February 19, 2019

Version 3.0.24Production

  • Better Image Optimisation detection message in admin
  • Added Admin Pagination
  • Main Menu / Flyout Menu dropdown fix when menu type is set to none
  • Logo Mobile fix
  • Form Google Recaptcha fix
  • One Page Checkout required fields fix
  • One Page Checkout shipping not required fix
  • Rich Snippets logo fix
  • One Page Checkout prevent cache ajax requests
  • Product Dimension Stats fix
  • Removed Download button from Variables
  • Popup close issue
  • Product Tabs links type fix
  • Recently Viewed cookie fix
  • Recently Viewed products order fix
  • One Page Checkout added email sort order option
  • Contact Form required E-Mail fix
  • Added Options Popup Status
  • Other fixes and improvements
February 6, 2019

Version 3.0.23Production

  • Added Tel field type in Contact Form
  • Added menu label global style (to make it easier to work with multiple menu labels which can inherit common options from a global style)
  • Added Blog Comments status in admin
  • Added Blog Posts views / comments stats in admin
  • Added Links Menu Label option
  • Added Mobile Logo Option
  • Added Links Menu open/close mobile button options
  • Added Border Radius variable
  • RTL fixes
  • Google Fonts fixes
  • Category Image in Blocks fix
  • Quickview Select first option fix
  • Extra Buttons open in new tab fix
January 25, 2019

Version 3.0.22Production

  • Added site overlay lateral offset option
  • Added option to disabled extra button on zero price
  • Added Quickview on tablet/phone options in skin > catalog mode
  • Other fixes and improvements
January 24, 2019

Version 3.0.21Production

  • Reviews click fix for new Product Tabs module
  • Added multiple columns options in Links Menu module (removed max-height option which was generating columns)
  • One Page Checkout sort custom fields fix
  • Added One Page Checkout Customer Groups sort option
  • Background Overlay
  • Date fix when adding new blog post
  • One page checkout form fix
  • Added class .additional-images-loaded
  • php 7.3 warning fix
  • Countdown Status fix
  • One Page Checkout datepicker fix
  • Filter invalid page error fix
  • Filter php error fix
  • Filter Categories sort fix
  • Catalog Mode disable Add to Cart on wishlist/compare pages fix
  • Popup Module captcha validation fix
  • Register Popup custom fields validation fix
  • Product Tabs empty content fix
  • Category / Product Image in Blocks
  • Search AutoSuggest out-of-stock and has-zero-price classes
  • Product Catalog php errors fix
  • Filter module with no results fix
  • One Page Checkout new address custom fields fix
  • Other fixes and improvements
January 9, 2019

Version 3.0.20Production

  • Added Accordion and Blocks options to the new Product Tabs module from Product Extras
  • Added link options to tab in Product Tabs
  • Moved Product Tabs position from Product Page Style at the module in Products Extras > Products Tabs.
  • Added new Top Menu module to be used in top right corner and keep the Secondary Top Menu in the search/cart area.
  • HTML5 validation errors fixes
  • Other fixes and improvements
January 4, 2019

Version 3.0.19Production

  • Added new Product Tabs modules in Journal > Product Extras. These are individual tabs, chained together into a single tabs module, styled from the Product Page style in Journal > Styles > Product Page > Active Style > Product Tabs.
  • Renamed Product Extras > Blocks/Tabs into "Extra Modules" to better reflect the nature of the feature, it's a page builder interface at the product page supporting any modules.
  • Blog Latest Comments sort fix
  • Blog Comments Avatar fix
  • HTML5 validation errors fixes
  • Added Blog Submit Comments Language Text options
  • LightGallery plugin js error fix
  • Blog Google Sitemap changes
  • Newsletter IP logging fix
  • Rich Snippets fixes
  • Cache Key changes
  • Cache warnings suppress
  • Product Quantity fix
  • Mini Cart Link fix
  • Products module fixes
  • One Page Checkout custom fields fix for logged in customers
  • Filter Module fixes
  • Google Fonts settings fix
  • Blog Home Meta Tags fixes
  • Added Blog RSS Feed Language Option
  • Filter manufacturers sort fix
  • Blog not_found action fix
  • Blocks php error fix
  • Other fixes and improvements
December 4, 2018

Version 3.0.18Production

  • Filter module crossorigin url fixes
  • Product Page tooltip buttons fix
  • Subcategories carousel options fix
  • Flyout subitem icon fix
  • Added product label position options + product page overrides
  • Product EAN fixes
  • Other fixes and improvements
November 28, 2018

Version 3.0.17Production

  • Added Product EAN stat
  • Filter by tags fix on search page
  • One Page Checkout guest newsletter fix
  • Info Blocks retina image fix
  • Blocks Module open link in new tab fix
  • Most Viewed Products php error fix
  • Out of Stock class with negative stock quantity fix
  • Allow empty attribute values in Filter module
  • Admin Bar feed fix
  • Icons Menu Image option
  • Gallery Button
  • Main menu item style override gradient hover fix
  • Title style alignment fix
November 23, 2018

Version 3.0.16Production

  • Product Page images alt / title tags
  • Also Bought / From Same Category / Brand check quantity fix
  • Filter Empty Attributes fix
  • Additional E-Mails alerts
  • Removed popup-wrapper after popup is closed
  • Catalog Page breadcrumb language fix
  • Blog Post DatePicker
  • Product Filter empty filters/options/attributes php error fix
  • Auto Suggest search in description url fix
  • One Page Checkout login fix
  • Filter check for existing products fix
  • Captcha fix on Opencart 2 Product Page
  • Custom Categories / Manufacturers fix
  • Added wave effect option on layout builder rows background
  • Added column split option to Blocks module content
  • Added more global options in Blocks module - to apply on all blocks at once
  • Modified Title style - combined title text align with divider align into single option
  • Blog Comments after Content Bottom fix
  • Modules title style fix
  • Blog Approve Comments fix
  • Blog Comments Module author name fix
  • Blog Post Content Bottom fix
  • Blog Categories extra "," fix
  • Added Main Menu 2 position option in logo area for Classic and Mega headers
  • Added slider static text layers which display over all slides
November 14, 2018

Version 3.0.15Production

  • Custom JS Code defer fix
  • Filter Opencart Filters fix
  • Filter Collapse fix
November 13, 2018

Version 3.0.14Production

  • Compare Page zero-price add to cart fix
  • Notification Image retina fix
  • Info Blocks open in new tab fix
  • One Page Checkout triggerLoading fixes
  • One Page Checkout Date Time pickers fix
  • Product Extras Ignore Stock check fix
  • Added Blocks/Tabs position for Quickview (bottom only)
  • Added Side Menu module
  • Sitemap page not found fix when blog is not active
  • Recurring profile add to cart fix
  • One Page Checkout Buttons fix
  • Currency Left + Right Filter fix
  • Slider Slide link attributes fix
  • Filter recode
  • Newsletter https fix
  • Invalid images warning message
  • Form loading text fix
  • Price Update discounts fix
  • Rich Snippets search url fix
  • Filter https fix
  • Additional Images height possible fix
  • Gallery quotes fix
  • Other fixes and improvements
November 4, 2018

Version 3.0.13Production

  • Blog Feed status url
  • Notification Status fix
  • Product page style fix
  • Blog page column split fix
October 31, 2018

Version 3.0.12Production

  • One Page Checkout browser autocomplete fix
  • Product Reviews fix
  • Product options date/time fix
  • Wishlist / Compare pages no_image fix
  • Added product label global style inherit and style overrides
  • Added mini search page top position in compact header
  • Added product labels hover option in product grid/list styles
  • Added max height option on Links Menu (vertical display) which can generate columns within the same module
  • Google Fonts update
  • Cart remove button fix when using custom seo urls for checkout/cart pages
  • One Page Checkout register account privacy policy fix
  • One Page Checkout shipping address on account register fix
  • Filter Module currency display fix
  • Background custom size/position fix
  • Other small fixes and improvements
October 25, 2018

Version 3.0.11Production

  • Product Page Additional Images height fix
  • Catalog Module added option to disable hover image on subcategories
  • Added Category description / short description in Blocks module
  • Added Product Blocks Short Description option
  • One Page Checkout custom fields validation error fixes
  • One Page Checkout shipping custom fields fix
  • One Page Checkout pp_braintree payment improvements
  • Banners module link open in new tab fix
  • Product Page add to cart button fix when using products module inside product details
  • Static Assets empty url fix
  • Automatically close form popup when message is sent
  • One Page Checkout fixed language/currency switch issue on the checkout page
  • Fixed Slider image dimensions issue with custom slides
  • Added Slider startOnAppear option
  • Fullscreen Slider fix
  • Added sticky header height for Compact and Slim headers
  • Other small fixes and improvements
October 19, 2018

Version 3.0.10Production

  • Added Blog to Sitemap
  • Info Blocks module retina images fix
  • One Page Checkout Same Address fix
  • Added Form module Sent message option
  • Gallery fix
  • Buttons style hover fix
  • Added Blog Post canonical link
  • Mobile Menu Flyout Open Mobile fix
  • Other small fixes and improvements
October 17, 2018

Version 3.0.9Production

  • Hide price if zero fix
  • Mega Menu dropdown aligment fix
  • Flyout Open Mobile fix
  • Flyout Off Canvas isOpen fix
  • Blocks module header image ix
  • Product page buttons alignment fix
  • Added Quickview Ajax Update Price option
  • One Page Checkout shipping method description fix
  • Filter Performance Improvements
  • Blog Category / Post Not Found fixes
  • Product Image carousel style options fix
  • One Page Checkout postcode required fix
  • Button Module link attributes fix
October 14, 2018

Version 3.0.8Production

  • Added 2 extra custom button menus in mobile headers
  • Added options in mobile header to move language/currency in the mobile menu wrapper
  • Added option to disable top bar in mobile headers
  • Added Catalog Mode in skin
  • Added an additional text option in Banners module
  • Added currency symbol in Filter module price
  • Added Product Page Main Image carousel bullets / arrows
  • Added buttons in Side Products module (cart, wishlist, compare)
  • Filter bestseller fix
  • Filter Attributes quotes fix
  • Filter Module Attributes fix
  • Products List Module Items per Row
  • Pagination next/prev icon fix
  • One Page Checkout php error fix
  • One Page Checkout no payment/shipping method warning.
  • One Page Checkout removed duplicate privacy & policy checkbox (if both checkboxes have the same information page)
  • One Page Checkout added cart warning for out of stock products
  • Filter multiple attributes/options/filters/tags fix
  • Filter Attribute values encoding fix
  • One Page Checkout mini cart update fix
  • Renamed js.cookie.js to cookie.js because of mod_security false warning
  • Disable edit button for Opencart modules in Layout Editor
  • Quickview View More details link target fix
  • Checkout multiple shipping options fix
  • Google Fonts update
  • Opencart 3 config fix
  • One Page Checkout Voucher purchase fix
  • Mobile Filter on Tablet when side column disabled
  • Product Page price update refactor
  • Product Card fix
  • Category Image fix when not set in admin
  • Image fixes
  • One Page Checkout no zones fix
  • Added Same Address Checkbox Status option in One Page Checkout
  • Notification Module Added Close Button text
  • Slider Module Added Multi Language fields for video urls
  • One Page Checkout coupon/voucher error message fix
  • Blocks Footer Button link attributes
  • Quick Checkout reload cart when adding products
  • Form module no agree checkbox fix
  • Products module List display fix Opencart 2
  • Items per Row IE Edge fix
  • Other fixes and improvements
September 27, 2018

Version 3.0.7Production

  • Added image option to Info Blocks
  • Added RTL Support
  • One Page Checkout vouchers fix
  • One Page Checkout agree checkbox fix
  • Admin icons fix
  • Video autoplay iOS fixes
  • strip_tags product description allow img tags
  • Opencart 3 Product Stats labels fix
  • Checkout fixes
  • Blog Category Description missing
  • One Page Checkout mini cart count badge fix
  • Search by tags query fix
September 25, 2018

Version 3.0.6Production

  • Search by Tag fix
  • Added out of stock visibility options for buttons in product grid / page style
  • Added Filter Check Quantity option - Hides out of stock products
  • Availability Filter fix
  • Search in Description fix
  • Added Scroll to Top option when adding a product to cart / wishlist / compare
  • Links Title missing ( ) fix
  • Added Product SKU, UPC, JAN, ISBN, MPN translation options in Product Page Style
  • Added Contact Form Privacy checkbox
  • w3 validator fix
  • Product Grid tooltip styles fix - moved tooltip styles to skin and module
  • Extra Buttons Tooltip Status fix
  • Quickview Tooltip fix
  • Possibility to use %s as value for products sold and views on product page
  • Side Columns Tablet Status fix
  • One Page Checkout html characters fixes
  • Added Blog Category Description Editor
  • One Page Checkout Confirm Button Loading Text
  • Disabled custom code in footer for popups
  • Product Page Horizontal Additional Images fix
  • Blog Enabled fix
  • One Page Checkout disable autosave for newsletter checkbox
  • One Page Checkout agree terms disabled fix
  • Quick Checkout product name html characters fix
  • Columns Status on Tablet
  • Multistore System Settings
  • Quick Checkout warning message fix
  • Filter Scroll Top when pagination links are clicked
  • Filter attributes / options / filters fixes
September 17, 2018

Version 3.0.5Production

  • Quick Checkout undefined error fix on Firefox
  • Extra Buttons limited to 2
  • Filter reset button offset fix
  • Newsletter input width fix
  • Galley thumb overlay fix
  • Opencart 2 Product Grid second image on hover fix
  • Cache php error fix
  • Quick Checkout moved payment details after cart section
  • Second Image sort order fix
  • Opencart 2 image lazyload catalog module fix
September 14, 2018

Version 3.0.4Production

  • Filter Price Tax fixes
  • Added Status option to Product Labels / Extra Button
  • Increased Search select width in admin
  • Second Image sort fix
  • Blog Image Resize Type fix
  • Image Resize Type fix
  • Form Captcha fix
  • Quick Checkout order comment fix
  • Filter Sort by Price Special Products fix
  • Status Option added Customer Group Id and Store
  • Font Subsets selector fixes
  • Blog Links fixes
  • Buy now product page fix
  • Columns Status
  • Product Page Gallery Status
  • Grid/List buttons active class
  • Quick Checkout Tax fixes
  • Product Blocks grid classnames changes
  • Button Module
  • Blog Pagination fixes
  • Product Page Reviews Status fix
  • Gallery ENT_NOQUOTES fix
  • Default Controller Path for dynamic block items
  • Possible fix for desktop touch devices menus
  • Links Menu performance improvements
  • DEFAULT styles fallback
  • Opencart 2 Account Address Edit php error fix
  • Filter module natural sort attributes and tags
  • Product Grid/List image resize type fix
  • Other small fixes and improvements
September 3, 2018

Version 3.0.3Production

  • Added title option to currency display
  • Journal Checkout redirect to Login page if Display Prices is Off
  • Possible Pagination Fix when using Filter and Seo Urls
  • Variable / Style duplicate / remove fixes
  • Catalog List items remove item fix
  • Opencart Filters fix in product rules
  • Product Price Update tax price fix
  • Product page no additional images empty space fix
  • Journal Checkout Custom Fields sort order
  • Opencart 2 Checkout Fax field status
  • Added cart page bottom sections container styles and position option
  • Added option to move page title top above breadcrumbs
  • Added option to move product grid name on top of image
  • Journal Checkout - Added Login / Register / Guest Translation options
  • Form Module Required Checkbox option fixes
  • Infinite Scroll fix on third party pages
  • Search Categories Status fix
  • Checkout fields sort
  • Blog Opencart 2 fixes
  • Opencart 2 Account Downloads page fix
  • Login Popup redirect fix
  • Opencart Modules Layout Manger fixes
  • Added Popup module show after delay option -
  • Added Products Module Description Limit option
  • Possible Quickview / Options popup fix when using third party seo url modules
  • Quickview price update fix
  • Slider disable swipe if only one image
  • Quick Checkout Newsletter checkbox fixes
  • Added scale hover option to blog post grid/list, brands, category and gallery modules
  • Side products column arrangement fix - added split ratio in side products style general, image width is now maxed out at split column width as defined in the style
  • Icons update
  • Added Mega header module
  • Product list style name truncate fix
  • Added scale + 3d rotate hover effect on product grid/list image
  • InputSlider allow floating numbers
  • htmlspecialchars php errors fix
  • Quick Checkout shipping required fix
  • Slider Status option admin error fix
  • Catalog Module Hover without images javascript error fix
  • Quick Checkout Address 2 required fix
  • Dynamic Block Content
  • Icon on top countbadge and mega header revert
  • Icons Menu Title
  • Color / Gradient / InputValue variables natural sort
  • Reassigned main menu bar border to fullwidth container due to interference with dropdowns
  • Changed count-badge positioning mechanism - may reset the position of the count badge for icons on top styled menus - edit the affected menu style and choose "Floating" from the new Position option
  • Quick Checkout Tax Rates fix by Customer Group ID
  • Quick Checkout Tax Rates fix
  • Quick Checkout Login fix
  • Main Menu demo 1 banner admin only fix
  • Rich Snippets image fixes
  • Reverted css settings from file to style tag
  • Slider image2x php error fix
August 24, 2018

Version 3.0.2Production

  • Added Search Categories Type All/Top for Search Autocomplete in header
  • Added Cart page option for totals to be displayed on the side of the panels
  • Added Search in description option for autoSuggest
  • Added Filter tax class option
  • Added Customizable outdeted browser notice in Skin - appears automatically on not supported browsers
  • Added Default Sort / Order options for Products Listing
  • Added Icon options for checkout shipping/payment methods in skin > checkout > shipping payment
  • Added Quick Checkout Shipping title
  • Added Top Bar to Compact / Slim headers
  • Added Cart in menu bar option for Classic header
  • Added row overlay background options - acts as additional background layer over row background with rotate and coverage options
  • Added Expand Characters Limit option globally
  • Added Slider slide / caption full Status option
  • Added Slider Content Dimensions per device - works in parallel with slide Image Dimensions and allows for a different height on phone
  • Icon package update - some icons will be reset, need to be assigned again
  • Added Ampersand options in Typography Style - must be wrapped it span with .amp class
  • Added Layout Notice module - works like Header Notice on layouts
  • Blog sort posts on homepage fix
  • Facebook share images fix
  • Disable Minifiers in checkout/* routes
  • Catalog module hover image fix
  • Products Item Link option
  • Variables natural sort
  • Stock stat language fix
  • Opencart 3 Modules in Layout issue
  • Retina images fixes
  • Gallery special characters in name fix
  • Product Second Image fix
  • Quick Checkout custom fields fixes
  • Filter Collapse fixes
  • Slider mobileBGVideo with mobile autoplay
  • Mobile Filter button text language fix
  • Product Labels cache clear fix
  • Markup validation fixes
  • Newsletter button style fix
  • Async Fonts Loading fixes
  • Image Dimensions Category resize type fix
  • Special Price update fix
  • Currency Cache fix
  • Write admin css to file
  • SuperCache
  • Breadcrumbs Home meta fix
  • Rich Snippets sku/mpn/model/seller
  • Async Fonts Loading option
August 14, 2018

Version 3.0.1Production

  • Mobile Cart fix on tablet
  • Header notice module improvements
  • Product Page expand button php error fix
  • Added new row background overlay options (resets the current overlay single option)
  • Added Cart page options on Cart panels to be displayed open
  • Added Wishlist page column visibility options + stock/price font options
  • Rich Snippets ItemCondition and images fixes
  • Blog date format fix
  • Account wishlist instock / outofstock classes
  • Other small fixes and improvements
August 12, 2018

Version 3.0.0Production

  • Default demo redesing
  • Added Show more/less to quickview description
  • Moved Show more/less expand block styles to skin
  • Moved Blocks/Tabs sort and container options from product page style to module
  • Added custom scrollbar option (webkit browsers only)
  • Added Slider global delay option
  • Added global common icons in skin
  • Quick Checkout improvements
  • Added Blog date format option
  • Added Blog date over postimage option
  • Blog Settings Language accordion fix
  • Slider hotspot layer fix
  • Posts / Side Posts / Products / Side Products default item active fix
  • Added Auto Suggest Results Limit option
  • Empty custom category/manufacturer php error fix
  • Filter by Availability
  • Added Filter Check Options Quantity option
  • Frontend performance improvements
  • Accordion menu .active class
  • Removed unnecessary .main-menu-item classes
  • Flyout menu item defaults
  • Image LazyLoad option
  • Swiper plugin update
August 6, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc11Release Candidate

  • Default demo minor changes
  • Product page extra buttons display fix
  • Modfied video background option status
  • Side Posts fix
  • Product Filter fix
  • Accordion menu collapse fix
  • Image Dimensions Popup Gallery Thumb fix
  • Added html buttons support
  • Other small fixes and improvements
August 3, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc10Release Candidate

  • Default demo minor changes
  • Added video background option in layout rows - HTML5 video only
  • Grayscale effect fix, added inheritable non-value.
  • Search page Opencart 2 php error fix
  • Quick Checkout fixes
  • Filter collapse price fix
  • Added Blog language options
  • Grid row / column Status option
  • Gallery special characters fix
  • Slider single side remove controls
  • Blog seo urls fixes
  • Opencart 2 manufacturer list php error fix
  • Product page hide additional images if only one
  • Added Blog Post Date Created option
  • Product listing additional images dimensions fix
  • From Category / Brand products modules fix
  • Other small fixes and improvements
July 27, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc9Release Candidate

  • Default demo redesign
  • Blog improvements
  • Blog Seo Urls fixes
  • Blog comment replies fix
  • Banners / Blocks retina images -
  • Blog Layout Override
  • Page id html class
  • Blog post related products
  • Enquiry Popup source url when sent from Product Page
  • Quick Checkout Payment/Shipping method html chars fix
  • Moved Product Stats from Style
  • Testimonials module
  • Renamed CDN option to Static Assets Url
  • Opencart 2 Side Products module fix
  • Opencart 2 Slider php error fix
  • Added System Settings + Moved Attribute Values Separator
  • Specials page wrong page title Opencart 3
  • Hide description tab if product has no description
  • Information pages title
  • Additional Images vertical height issue
  • Form module fixes
  • Opencart 2 product image zoom fix
  • Blog Side Posts module
  • Sort by Sales
  • Related from Category / Manufacturer
  • All products option in product rules
  • Mobile Menu on Desktop trigger fix
  • Catalog module View More Text option
  • Catalog module style
  • Module title h3 + hide empty titles
  • Manufacturer info meta tags fix
  • Layout name in page builder
  • Search Autosuggest "No results found!" Option
  • Also Bought on Wishlist page
  • Title module improvements
  • Accordion Menu module improvements
  • Account affiliate hide fix
  • Fixed blog post / category meta fields and blog post author
  • Hide empty content container on home page
  • .has-zero-price fix on product page
  • Header Notice display open on page load
  • Hide empty items in blocks tabs/accordion
  • Product grid/list + product page classes (out-of-stock, has-countdown, has-zero-price, has-extra-button)
  • Blocks content option labels change
  • Additional Images Status in Quickview fix
  • Carousel autoplay and pause on hover issue
  • Removed side products second image on hover
  • Title module on quick checkout layout fix
  • Expand Accordion Menu on current category page
  • Additional images Status option
  • Product Blocks Status
  • Popup iframe links open in new tab
  • Admin Logo image fix
  • Slider video image fix
  • Performance improvements
  • Other small fixes and improvements
July 18, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc8Release Candidate

  • Product grid wishlist group image position fix
  • Font weight fix
  • Opencart 2 blog modules carousel items per row fixes
  • Title module blog fixes
  • Blog meta fields
  • Quick Checkout payment/shipping methods fixes
  • Enquiry Button source url - closes
  • Opencart Modules in Layout Builder
  • Google Fonts variants
  • Search Autocomplete zoom in fix for mobile devices
  • Google fonts update
  • Added divider and subtitle options to Title module
  • Popup grid fixes
  • Opencart 2 Returns page fix
  • Google sitemap error fix
  • Opencart 2 Quick checkout fax missing
  • Filter attributes separator admin button fix
  • Form module improvements
  • Product page cart buttons fixed position fixes
  • Gallery module fixes
  • Info Blocks fixes
  • Side products module fix
  • Fixed maintenance mode missing modules when logged in as admin
  • Added current option for Title module
  • Other small fixes and improvements
July 13, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc7Release Candidate

  • Product grid hover buttons fix
  • Product page buttons fixed position fixes
  • Notification module fixes
  • Bottom menu module fixes
  • Notification view cart button fix
  • Admin JS error fix (php.ini path)
  • Layout Builder removed duplicate and delete buttons
  • Product Price Update + Product Options Autoselect options
  • Reviews links click scrolls to reviews area
  • Product page gallery title fix
  • Blocks module default item option
  • Slider link attributes
  • Ignore empty product filters
  • Product filter 0 min/max price
  • Removed all modules from maintenance mode
  • Blog grid/list image dimensions and description fix
  • Filter module multilanguage title
  • Flyout open on mobile
  • Opencart 2 filter clear button fix
  • Other small fixes and improvements
July 10, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc6Release Candidate

  • Popup fixes
  • Removed unneeded elements from login / register popups
  • Account page affiliate icon fix
  • Opencart 2 contact page php error fixes
  • Product images missing
  • Blog SEO urls
  • Added quick checkout page title
  • Moved breadcrumbs and top modules outside container
  • Added Returns / Address Book / Rewards / Downloads links
  • Side column width fix on Firefox browser
  • Affiliate and returns links fixes
  • Demo changes
  • Added product grid hover buttons option
  • Google Fonts whitespace fix
  • Quick Checkout fields error messages fix
  • Added stock status in product grid/list stats
  • Side Products second image on hover status fix
  • Count badge wishlist/compare cache fix
  • Added search View More language option
  • Products cache improvements
  • Search Categories cache improvements
  • Opencart 2 side products module fix
  • Opencart 2 gallery module thumbs limit fix
  • Opencart 2 bottom position fix
  • Remove loading text from cart button in wishlist page
  • Quick Checkout fixes
  • Firefox backspace stepper fix
  • Theme installation error message
  • Icon color fix - removed !important from icon color
  • Maintenance page header / footer visibility fix
  • Popup module image dimensions fix
  • Products Module Opencart filters fixes
  • Opencart 2 pagination prev/next classes fix
  • Products order fix
  • Removed home page container if no content_top and content_bottom
  • Slider Icon on text and hotspot layers
  • Added slider parallax
  • Other small fixes and improvements
July 6, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc5Release Candidate

  • Product Grid description limit fix
  • Filter module fixes (Opencart filters)
  • Disabled Customer Groups Status - will be improved in the future
  • Import php.ini variables
  • Opencart 2 all products page errors fixes
  • Cache fixes
  • Account page icons fix
  • Added single row option to Links Menu module
  • Slider fullwidth auto height option
  • Filter option image-only fix
  • Skin id and store id html classes
  • Flyout standalone dropdown fix
July 4, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc4Release Candidate

  • Products cache improvements
  • Quickbuy redirect fix for products with options
  • Removed underline from menu links
  • Header menu fixes
  • Account page item on/off fix
  • Multilanguage fixes
  • Disable cache for fetch requests in admin
  • Language cache issue
  • Opencart 2 language/currency dropdown fix
  • Inline icon color fix
  • Quick Checkout confirm checkboxes different line fix
  • Quick Checkout default authentication, section titles and coupon/voucher/reward fixes
  • Quick Checkout login fix
  • Quick Checkout Forgotten link fix in checkout page
  • Module Status fix
July 3, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc3Release Candidate

  • Opencart 2 product stats on product page fix
  • Various checkout fixes for Opencart 2
  • Autosuggest active fixes
  • Wishlist / Compare / Totals count
  • Moved logo in skin
  • Opencart 2 search autocomplete php error
  • Hide empty products modules
  • Catalog data export seo urls fix
  • Check if exec php function is enabled when trying to optimise images
  • Remove tooltips when filtering
  • Guest checkout check
  • Opencart 2 reviews block errors
  • Opencart 2 maintenance mode fix
  • Opencart 2 admin settings theme image fix
  • Blog fixes
  • isOpen undefined error fix
  • Use of undefined constant DIR_STORAGE fix
  • Mobile menu links fix
  • Product limit input width
  • Filter module admin error
June 29, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc2Release Candidate

  • PHP 5.4 fixes
  • Import/Export fix when using different DB_PREFIX
  • J icon fix in Opencart 2 admin
  • Limit admin modules list based on position
June 28, 2018

Version 3.0.0-rc1Release Candidate

  • Initial release candidate testing